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Brancheorganisatie voor onafhankelijke ondernemers in:
handel, verkoop, transport en opslag van brandstoffen en smeermiddelen op land en water.

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Leden van NOVE kunnen inloggen voor het ledengedeelte. Bent u lid maar heeft u geen inloggegevens, neem dan contact op met het NOVE-secretariaat. Bent u geen lid, wordt dan als brandstofhandelaar lid van de vereniging!

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We informeren zo volledig mogelijk over de branche en staan daarom de media graag te woord.
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Brandstof en brandstofdistributie zijn van groot belang voor een land. NOVE-leden spelen hierin een belangrijke rol. Feiten en cijfers hierover vindt u hier >>

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De voordelen als NOVE-lid
Kom op voor uw belang als zelfstandige brandstoffenleverancier.
NOVE is de landelijke brancheorganisatie voor de zelfstandige en onafhankelijke brandstofhandelaar en behartigt de belangen voor zowel landhandel, binnenvaart als zeevaart. Als NOVE-lid heeft u directe voordelen, zoals .... Lees meer >>>

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Bunkering seagoing vessels 

The bunker ports of choice for global shipping
Each year, about 14 million tonnes of fuel oil, 400,000 tonnes of marine gasoil and 135,000 tonnes of lubrication oil are bunkered by seagoing ships in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Yet, this is more than just a reflection of the ports’ size and traffic, but a choice which shipowners often make even when their ship's European rotation includes a range of other ports.

Rotterdam and Amsterdam have become bunker ports of choice for a number of reasons, not least that of price. Rotterdam prides itself on offering the lowest bunker prices in the world, both for fuel oil and marine gasoil, and remains firmly anchored in its position among the word's top three bunkering ports. Many container ships plan their refuelling in Rotterdam for their entire Europe-Asia-Europe round trip.

Unique propositions
The Dutch ports' unmatched bunkering position stems from and is supported by a unique combination of factors, in which Rotterdam in particular is a world leader.

  • A virtually endless supply of fuel oil, gasoil and lubricants – any grade of all three products – thanks to Rotterdam's complex of refineries, the largest in the world.
  • Established additional overseas imports, including fuel oil from Russia.  Product quality constantly monitored for compliance with the highest standards.
  • Abundant tank storage capacity, with oil majors and independent storage terminals operating their own facilities at both Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
  • An extensive, versatile and sophisticated bunker industry, including more than twenty independent private suppliers – twelve in Rotterdam alone. This has created a highly competitive local market which guarantees both price and service.
  • Trained staff manning a new, modern fleet, boasting the world’s most advanced double-hull tankers, ensuring both safe and speedy operation.
  • The possibility of bunkering during cargo operation almost anywhere, and even dedicated public deep water board/board mooring facilities (Rotterdam).
The Dutch ports offer the best bunker prices worldwide, thanks to the combination of the above factors, plus the sheer volume of bunker sales at these two Dutch ports. NOVE, the Dutch association of independent fuel suppliers, includes the majority of Holland’s independent, private-sector bunker suppliers. The organisation speaks for members' interests, but also polices members' adherence to agreed quality benchmarks, keeping the sector clean and keeping the sector ahead of its competition.

NOVE members operating in the bunker industry are listed below, in alphabetical order:

Only NOVE-members are allowed to use the following documents:

  • General Terms / General conditions (download)
  • Instructions for bunkerbarges (in Dutch) (op het ledennet)

The heavy bunker fuel and marine diesel fuel for seagoing vessels are either produced by Dutch refineries or imported by international traders. 


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Bunkering Binnenvaart / Riverbunkering